WGSS faculty often work independently with students who are interested in exploring topics and methods that are not being taught during the year. Like all other individual studies courses, such courses are usually reserved for juniors and seniors and must be pre-approved by the department chair. A cumulative grade point average of no less than 2.0 in Wake Forest courses is required of students who want to enroll in any independent study, individual study, directed reading, and internship course at WFU.

The process for independent study:

  1. By December 1 (for the spring semester) or April 15 (for the summer or fall semester), discuss plans for an independent study program with the chair of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies.
  2. Make arrangements with a faculty member to direct your independent study.
  3. Once you and your professor have agreed upon the parameters of the course, prepare a written proposal that includes: a title and description of the study, number of credit hours, number of contact hours, goals of the study, strategies for attaining the goals, parameters for the product (paper, exhibit, etc.), method for faculty evaluation of the finished product, and resources/bibliography used.
  4. Submit the proposal to the chair for approval of WGS credit.

*Please note: A maximum of 3 hours may apply to the minor.