Elizabeth Phillips Award Winners

Elizabeth Phillips Award Winners


No winner was selected.


Meara Waxman (Undergranduate): “This Little Boat of the Language”: Language Repression as a vehicle of Cultural and Sexual Marginalization in a Hush-a-Bye Baby and The Blackwater Lightship.”


Abigail S. Trombley (Undergraduate): “Empowerment, Resistance, and the Birth Control Pill: A Feminist Analysis of Contraception in the Developing World”


Nicole Jodan (Undergraduate): “Nature nor Nurture: The Queer Struggle for
Expansion” considers how the heroes of two novels—James Baldwin’s
Giovanni’s Room and Edward Prime Stevenson’s Imre—reconcile queer
sexual desire with both internal and external repression. The
committee was impressed with Nicole’s impeccable reasoning and keen
eye for detail as she argued that the accommodation of hegemonic
structures of power allows for more stable secret spaces of pleasure.


Madeline Chastain Coffey (Undergraduate): “The Loophole in the Lavender Scare: Sex Change Operations as a Cure to Subversion” Justice Ciera von Maur (Undergraduate): “An Oral History of Gay and Lesbian Activism at Wake Forest University 1985 to 2000


Kate Llewellyn (Undergraduate): “The Comparative Development of LGBTQ Rights in Ecuador and Chile: Legal Positivism and the Rule of Recognition” Sara Brigagliano (Undergraduate – Second Place Prize): “You Can Run, But You Can’t Hide: How the Media Morphs Gender: Bias in the Coverage of Female Political Candidates”


Dianne Gene Uwayo (Undergraduate): “Perceptions about the Causes of Intimate Partner Violence in Kisumu, Kenya”
Shoshanna Natanya Goldin (Undergraduate): “The Land of Milk, Honey, and Motherhood: An Examination of Jewish, Muslim, and Druze Women’s Perspectives of IVF Policy in Israel”
Felicity Ratway (Graduate): “Preserving Víctor Hugo Robles’ Queer Ideology in a Spanish-English Translation of Bandera Hueca”
Lindsey Jayne Mullen (Graduate): “Being Natal: The Theological and Pastoral Significance of Labor and Birth for Christianity”


Kimberly Quick


Parastou Azaeh Ranjbar ’15 (Undergraduate)
Mallory Pladus ’13 (Graduate)


Natalie Elise Moreland ’12 (Undergraduate)
Bailey Mestayer Pittenger ’13 (Undergraduate)
Ronald Terry Parrish ’13 (Graduate)


Caitlin Cheyenne Williams ’12 (Undergraduate)


Lauren Anastasia Wright ’10 (Undergraduate)
Anna Elizabeth Williams ’10 (Undergraduate)


Christine Cooluris ’09 (Undergraduate)
Ashley Elizabeth Gedraitis ’11 (Undergraduate)
Audrey Golden ’09 (Graduate)


Emily Teresa Rubino ’08 (Undergraduate)
Lin Cohen Bunce ’08 (Graduate)


Elizabeth Anne Lundeen ’07 (Undergraduate)
Anne Lindsey Leake ’07 (Graduate)
Emily Wonnell Mathews ’08 (Honorable Mention)