Call for Papers

This year the Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies is sending out a Call for Papers for the following awards: The Annual Elizabeth Phillips award, the Annual Mary DeShazer award, and the Annual Anne Boyle award. Below are the submission guidelines:

  • Students should only submit papers that have been revised according to the recommendations made by their professors when they assigned the grade. Submitted papers may come from the Fall Semester of 2019 or Spring Semester of 2020.
  • Students should proofread all papers for grammatical and typographical errors prior to submission. Papers with such errors will not be awarded a prize.
  • Papers much include a title page with the course number, course name, and the instructor name.
  • Students should email their papers to Alex Burch ( Papers have a hard deadline of Wednesday, April 29, at noon, but students are encouraged to submit earlier.

Click on the link(New Call for Paper Awards )to download the full Call for papers document. If you have any questions, please contact Alex Burch.