WGS 221: Intro to WGS (Division I)

WGS 221: Introduction to Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies is an interdisciplinary course for ‘beginners’ that integrates materials from the humanities and the sciences. Topics include critical methods and practical solutions, history and theory of women’s, gender, and sexuality studies, women in culture and society, and cross-cultural issues of gender, ethnicity, social class, age, and sexual orientation. (This course fulfills the undergraduate Division I requirement as well as the Cultural Diversity Requirement.)

See what former WGS Intro students had to say…

“Class materials were great. I learned something new in intro class; it gives people a good taste of the kinds of topics covered in the major and minor.”

“Everything was well organized and planned.”

“This was a very open dialogue class. Many people spoke up and added useful comments to the conversation.”

“Very open and inviting space.”

“We could all tell that the professors clearly cared about us, not just as students, but also as individuals. The went out of their way to make sure people understood important topics. They also demonstrated how much they cared by talking to the class about sensitive topics happening around Wake, and in current events.”

“One of the best discussion classes I have ever had. People felt free to talk about problems on campus, and the professors were actively engaged and seeking answers and solutions.”

“I am so glad that this is a divisional requirement. Now I would recommend it to all underclassmen who are trying to fill that requirement to recruit them early!”

“This class provided a plethora of academic stimulation for me personally.”

“This is a great course. I wish I would have taken this course as a freshman; it evoked great discussion about topics that were very relevant to my interests.”

“The books we read for class were very diverse and touched up on a lot of struggles that women and men face in society.”

“I like that the midterm allowed us to answer questions in an essay format and allowed us to expand on what we learned in class.”

“Because of this class, I have begun to think much more critically about the issues we discussed in class.”