Study Abroad

Request for Course Abroad Approval

When submitting a request to the director of WGS for a course that was taken abroad, it is necessary to establish if the course meets Wake Forest and WGS standards. In order to do so, the following information is required:

  • Completed course approval form (obtained from Center for International Studies)
  • Full syllabus of the course with:
  • Name and title of the professor teaching the course and a contact number
  • Number of contact hours per week
  • List of required textbooks
  • Required assignments (number of papers and required length)
  • Number of exams
  • Number of presentations (where applicable)
  • Learning objectives and methodology
  • Number of weeks the course will be taken
  • Number of credit hours assigned to the course

The request should be submitted as quickly as possible so that it can be reviewed and a decision made in a timely manner.