Article on Dr. Harrington’s lecture in the Old Gold & Black

The Old Gold & Black published an article on Dr. Jaira Harrington’s lecture, “Served and Protected: Brazilian Black Women and State Violence,” given as part of the Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Colloquium Series.

From the article:

“‘Much of the literature available on police brutality in Brazil refers primarily to Brazilian men or simply ignores gender altogether,’ Harrington said. ‘I contribute to current research on state violence and democratic inclusion by centralizing gender as an integral component.’

Harrington traveled to Rio, Brazil, for the Olympic Games this summer given her specific research interest in how people living in society’s margins are affected by the state’s ‘containment’ of undesirable people and spaces during large events.

‘Mass events create a very specific set of circumstances for police and public relations, especially in terms of black life and death,’ she said.”

Read the full article here.

Pictures of the event from WGS:

Photo from Dr. Harrington's talk, Brazilian Black Women and State Violence


Photo from Dr. Harrington's talk on Brazilian Black Women and State Violence

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