Cross-listing Criteria

Non-WGS Courses Receiving Credit Toward the Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Major/Minor

A primary objective of any course receiving credit toward the Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies major or minor must be to enact and incorporate the aims outlined in the program’s Mission Statement.

A substantial portion of the course must employ gender as an analytical approach and/or topic. Such courses will represent a broad range of intellectual and political concerns across the disciplines of the liberal arts.

Procedure for getting approval of course for WGS credit:

The professor submits the following to the WGS Curriculum Committee for approval preferably the year prior, but at least one semester prior, to the course offering:

  •  A course proposal or syllabus that includes:
  •  A clear and concise description of the course
  • A listing of course goals and a description of pedagogical methods, with special attention to their correspondence with the aims of the WGS Mission Statement
  • A description of probable content for the course including texts, assignments, calendar, and evaluation procedures
  • An abbreviated resume demonstrating the professor’s familiarity with and background in the content and methodologies of feminism and gender studies, should be on file in the Women’s and Gender Studies Office or accompany the course proposal.

The WGS Curriculum Committee will evaluate the proposal materials according to the criteria stated above.  Courses approved for WGS credit will publicized in WGS materials as such.